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Our firm proudly represents individuals charged with crimes that expose them to potentially life altering consequences, including the losses of freedom and liberty.

Although no two criminal cases will ever be exactly alike, all criminal defendants share a common link – he or she is up against a powerful adversary – the Government. A defendant needs a firm that challenges the Commonwealth’s case at every turn without hesitation or concern. Great results are based on hard work, knowledge, and experience rather than counting on personal relationships. As criminal defense attorneys, we are privileged and honored to protect individuals against a far more advantaged adversary – the Government.

Years of experience and dedication to the profession have taught us how to win. We believe in disputing the charges and evidence at trial and holding the Commonwealth accountable to prove the case. If you are looking for a legal team to immediately sell you on a guilty plea, Palissery Law Offices is not for you. In defending our clients, we conduct an exhaustive investigation of the evidence and leave no stone unturned. Nothing can replace hard work and dedication in defending a criminal case. A client should expect nothing less.

Clients are invited to participate in his or her own defense and can often be a good source of information. We believe in providing the client with an honest and sometimes unpopular assessment of his or her case and will not “sugar coat” our answers. Criminal cases carry significant consequences and an attorney that sells a defendant an unrealistic outcome is only doing that client and his family a huge disservice. A client needs honest, accurate information from his or her lawyers in order to make potentially life-altering decisions.

Finally, Attorney Palissery handles every case and court appearance personally and will not delegate the enormous responsibility of representation to an unknown lawyer in any hearing from the Magisterial District Court through the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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Palissery Law Offices provides criminal defense services for all criminal charges from arrest to trial and appeal. We strive to be available to our clients wherever and whenever necessary 7 days a week providing our services only to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

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