He’s all the things that make a great attorney

If you get any type of criminal charges in Luzerne county you need to remember the name Palissery!

Finding a good attorney is very hard to do for even the most seasoned criminals and for those who’ve never delt with charges and the whole court process its almost impossible to know your getting a good attorney so please take it from me, if I was charged with a capitol offense and facing the death penalty I’m not putting my life in the hands of any attorney other than Nanda Palissery. He’s all the things that make a great attorney and not only is he a very high skilled mouthpiece but he also has the respect of the prosecution side and the judges; and if your a career criminal then you know how good it is to have an attorney who is not only respected by all of his clients but is also respected by his opponent’s.

I’d like to end this with “no, I was not paid to write this review”. I know it probably sounds like I’m a paid spokesman but the truth is I’ve been in an out of trouble my entire life; and I have personally seen the very dangerous and scary consequences that come with having a bad attorney! I’ve seen innocent men get put away for having a bad lawyer and I’ve seen tons of guys get mistreated and railroaded for having a bad lawyer. Most people don’t realize how crooked our justice system is and because of that crookedness if you don’t have a good attorney like Palissery then you can easily be found guilty of something you didn’t do or get 10 to 20yrs for a charge that you should of got 4 to 8yrs – it happens all the time an in every courtroom in our country.

“So don’t let the courtroom get you scary! just pick up the phone and call PALISSERY!”