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".....fighting for the rights of the criminally accused."

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the Palissery Law Offices. Centrally located in Kingston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, PLO offers quality criminal defense representation at every phase of your criminal case, from arrest to trial, every step in between and beyond. PLO provides quality private representation at affordable rates. PLO offers an in-depth review of each client’s case. With 17 years of courtroom experience, trained and skilled criminal defense attorneys provide each client personal service and accessibility which is the hallmark of PLO and the reason for its success. Each attorney and the entire support staff are trained in a methodology proven to have been effective in thousands of cases and each attorney is committed to the protection of every client’s constitutional rights. PLO’s clients are afforded the opportunity to establish a one-on-one relationship with his or her attorney so that when the case proceeds to court, they are confident and are told what to expect. Each client is given an insight into the criminal process not common with most practitioners.

At PLO, all criminal representation is undertaken on a flat-fee basis so that there are no surprises. Criminal cases are not billed on an hourly basis (which often becomes unaffordable) and before engaging our services clients are advised as to how much to expect to pay in legal fees. Of course, the number of hours required to be spent on a case by our attorneys and staff for consultations, research, and court appearances is included in the fee and is not limited by the amount of the fee charged. The end of the case marks the end of the fees and unless PLO is retained for further representation, no final bill is "in the mail." PLO is committed to making the legal experience as pleasant as possible, while protecting the rights of our clients to the greatest extent possible. In short, clients of the Palissery Law Offices know that their attorneys are committed to providing the best representation and defense in each and every case we proudly undertake.

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